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Teens are slipping on banana peels in dangerous new viral challenge

Teens are slipping on banana peels in a

Teens are slipping on banana peels in a new viral challenge. Credit:

The latest viral craze taking over social media is the #BananaPeelChallenge, and like many social trends before it, it’s not exactly the safest.

Teens are recording themselves walking on empty banana peels to try to debunk the classic cartoon cliche. Unsurprisingly, the challengers fall to the ground almost instantaneously.

Twitter user Jason Oakes started it all when he shared a video of himself testing the theory on Sunday, according to Time.

“Yall I tried to see if banana peels were rlly slippery like in cartoons & I slipped & tried to catch myself w/ a cup,” @jaasonoakes tweeted. His tweet has since been retweeted and liked more than 180,000 times.

Not unlike the cinnamon challenge or Kylie Jenner Lip challenge, what started out fun has left many users reporting injuries.  

“I think my wrists are broken,” one Twitter user tweeted after she’s heard crying out in pain in her video clip. Other tweets include “#ouch.”

The #BananaPeelChallenge should come with a “safety warning,” another wrote.

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