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#ThingsFoundOnJupiter trending on Twitter as NASA's Juno orbits Jupiter

Juno spotted auroras on Jupiter's gaseous surface.

Juno spotted auroras on Jupiter's gaseous surface. Credit: NASA

As NASA's space probe Juno circles around Jupiter to see the planet up close, people are taking to social media to speculate some of the #ThingsFoundOnJupiter. 

"#ThingsFoundOnJupiter....auroras! What else?" NASA tweeted Tuesday morning, beginning the hashtag that was trending on Twitter.

"One of the most intense radiation environments in our solar system," tweeted NASA astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria. 

Others tweeted in a more comedic direction, by using the hashtag to share ridiculous #ThingsFoundOnJupiter. 

"The last Blockbuster Video," tweeted Jeff Dwoskin. 

"Amelia Earhart. Her GPS was way off," said Twitter user @GuapoFlames. "Thanks, Siri!" 

"Probably everyone's missing bobby pins," tweeted @enchilayas. 

"Sock Heaven," tweeted Jennifer B. Cutler. "Where all those socks that have disappeared from the dryer have gone." 

People also used the hashtag to get political. 

"The Lost Al Gore Ballots," said Twitter user @McMannofthepeop. 

"This just in...NASA is reporting that Hillary's emails and Bernie's principals are among the #ThingsFoundOnJupiter," joked Twitter user @truthking118. 

"Common sense," tweeted user @nuffsaidNY. "Because it's definitely not on Earth." 

The Twitter trend had accumulated more than 11,400 tweets as of 1:45 p.m. Tuesday. 

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