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Todd Palin e-mail offers look into family's life

WASHINGTON - During the 2 1/2 years that his wife, Sarah, was governor of Alaska and then a vice-presidential candidate, Todd Palin inserted himself into a host of state decisions, including judicial nominations and gas pipeline bids, according to e-mails released Friday.

Before Sarah Palin resigned her office last July, Todd Palin weighed in on appointments to state boards, labor disputes and the use of government aircraft, according to the documents, which were obtained by under Alaska's public record law.

He also forwarded confidential financial information about his longtime employer, the oil and gas company BP, to a state attorney, e-mails posted online by show.

The trove of 3,000 private messages sent and received by Todd Palin further illuminate the personal quirks, machinations and frustrations of the Palin family, from plans to install a tanning bed in the governor's mansion to their gripes about the media.

Many of the e-mails are about the mundane stuff of everyday life, such as reminders to stock up on vegetables or arrangements to catch a movie. More than 240 additional e-mails were withheld because of executive privilege, reported.

Sarah Palin is to address the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville on Saturday. Her spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton did not return telephone and e-mail requests for comments on the e-mails late Friday.

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