PHILADELPHIA - Sajid Khan argues Donald Trump is unfit to be president – because he’s not humble.

And he says he’s given out hundreds of T-shirts in Cleveland, Philadelphia and New York City to spread his message.

His case against the billionaire is simple.

“The problem with Mr. Trump is his mind is good, but his brain is emotionally challenged,” Khan said Tuesday on Philadelphia’s South Street.

He held a banner addressed to the Republican presidential nominee, telling him that “Humility is the chief quality for all great leadership.” 

This giant boot represents Donald Trump's inexperience and unfitness for the presidency, Sajid Khan says in Philadelphia on Tuesday, July 26, 2016. Photo Credit: Edward B. Colby

The Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, resident wore a T-shirt that said Trump’s "presidential eligibility number is zero." He showed another shirt that asked how Trump could be an emotionally healthy leader.

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Khan is a freelance journalist and blogger, but he’s been plugging his humility beliefs in the two cities holding the country’s major political conventions recently. He estimated he’d handed out 20 to 25 of his T-shirts between Sunday and Tuesday in Philadelphia.

Khan backs Democrat Hillary Clinton, explaining, “I am supporting her because she is experienced and because she has emotional health.”

Naaman Harris, 31, of Philadelphia, who was sitting on the sidewalk nearby, interrupted at one point to say Trump will win.

He said he likes Trump’s proposal to build a wall on the Mexican border (although he called it a gate).

Sajid Khan in his friend's antique lighting shop on South Street in Philadelphia on Tuesday, July 26, 2016. Photo Credit: Edward B. Colby

“I think that would be a good idea, because they are sneaking in,” said Harris, an independent who voted for President Barack Obama in the last election four years ago.

Though Khan isn’t supporting Trump in 2016, he indicated there is hope for him yet.

“In 10 years your brain will become emotionally healthy and you will become ready to be a great president,” Khan’s banner said.