CLEVELAND - Julian Raven is “unafraid” to put his attention-grabbing Donald Trump-inspired artwork out there – and it was getting plenty of eyeballs Tuesday in Cleveland’s Public Square.

As the Trump supporter was starting an interview, a group of photographers descended.

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“Sounds like birds,” Raven said of the clicks they generated.

The artist and Republican National Convention alternate delegate from Elmira, New York stood above a copy of his work “Unafraid And Unashamed,” which portrays Trump as a strong leader next to an eagle clutching an American flag.

Raven explained that he “had an image of an eagle flying down and rescuing a fallen flag.”

He then spent about 600 hours working on the project. The original is 8 by 16 feet long, he said.

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“I couldn’t stop it, man,” Raven said of the creative compulsion he felt. “I lay in bed at night. I couldn’t stop.”