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U.S. population to hit 324 million in 2017, Census Bureau says

The U.S. population should rise to just over 324 million on New Year’s Day, the Census Bureau predicted on Wednesday, up from 301 million 10 years ago.

The latest estimate also shows the country gained about 2.245 million people since Jan. 1, a 0.70 percent rise.

In January 2017, one person in the United States is expected to be born every eight seconds, with another one dying every 11 seconds, the bureau said in a statement.

The increase stemming from immigration is slower, about one person per 33 seconds, the agency said.

Around the world, the United States ranks third in size, trailing China, with a population of about 1.38 billion, and India at 1.28 billion, according to the bureau.

The most populous nation after the United States is Indonesia, at almost 261 million, followed by Brazil at 207 million.

In the United States, New York remained the country’s fourth-most populous state, behind California, Texas and Florida, according to bureau estimates issued earlier this month. Florida supplanted New York as the third-most populous state in 2014.

However, economists see a link between a rising population and a growing economy, so the slight decline in New York’s population between July 2015 and this past July has prompted concerns.

During that period, an estimated 191,367 people left New York for other states — a loss that was not overcome by an influx of 118,478 people immigrating to New York from other countries.

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