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#UporDown sparks viral debate over which way this cat is going

The latest optical illusion that has the Internet

The latest optical illusion that has the Internet divided is whether this cat is going up or down stairs. Photo Credit: 9GAG.com

It’s the latest viral question that has the Internet buzzing: Is this cat going up or down this staircase?

Posted initially by online viral video and image website 9GAG.com, the question is simple but the answers have many across the Web divided.

Optical illusions have became an Internet staple in 2015. In February, the Internet became divided over #TheDress, which was either white and gold or blue and black  depending on how a person perceived it.

In an interview with CNET.com, behavioral science professor Nick Chater of the Warwick Business School in the United Kingdom. attempted to quell some of the controversy.

"Our brain uses the most 'sensible' 3-D interpretation; and mostly -- except when we are being subjected to cunning visual illusions -- this works just fine," Chater said. "But sometimes there are two equally plausible 3-D interpretations of the same 2-D image." 

Which way do you think the cat is going? Tell us in the comments below.

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