WASHINGTON - Utah is very much in play – and not just for the major party nominees.

A new poll from the Deseret News, conducted by Y2 Analytics, shows the race in that longtime GOP stronghold is in a dead heat between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, with long-shot candidate Evan McMullin only a few points behind. McMullin is a graduate of Utah’s Brigham Young University.

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The last time a third-party candidate won any electoral votes was in 1968, when George Wallace was on the ballot. McMullin is polling at 22 percent, just four points behind both Trump and Clinton. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is supported by 14 percent of voters.

“A third-party candidate could win Utah as Utahns settle on one,” said Quin Monson, who helped conduct the poll.

Utah was seen as a heavy lift for Trump throughout the race, but his troubles there have intensified in recent days. A majority of voters polled say he should drop out. Gov. Gary Herbert and Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Chris Stewart were among those who have recently withdrawn their support of the GOP nominee.

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