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Virginia school principal, secretary get heat for Trump and Clinton costumes

Principal Mark Rowicki and secretary Stephanie Corbett pose

Principal Mark Rowicki and secretary Stephanie Corbett pose in Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump costumes in a picture that was posted on the school's website. The school took it down, but the photo has proliferated on social media. Credit: Facebook

A principal and secretary at a Virginia high school were chastised Thursday after photos of them dressed for Halloween as Hillary Clinton in prison orange and Donald Trump  were posted on the school's website, stirring debate on social media.

The secretary and principal at Robert E. Lee High School in Staunton, Virginia, wore the costumes at school during the Halloween celebration. 

Secretary Stephanie Corbett  wore a two-piece orange prison suit as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, referencing catcalls from the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to "lock her up."  Principal Mark Rowicki dressed as Trump.

Staunton schools superintendent Linda Reviea said in a statement Thursday, “The particular costumes  . . .  were in poor judgment, Especially so, given the current political climate and extraordinarily strong sentiments for the 2016 presidential candidates.”

Principal Rowicki told WHSV that he “felt it was just a fun thing to do with the students” and “meant no harm to anyone.”

Some commenters on social media thought political opinions are not appropriate for school.

“Politics do not belong in school, except as intellectual discussion,” said Facebook user Vivian Funsten Donahue.

“School is not the place to push your religious or political viewpoints on impressionable children,” wrote Bre’ Zwoyer on Facebook.

Other commenters disagreed and believed the costumes were harmless.

“People are trying to sensationalize this,” said Joe Rose on Facebook, “Halloween is supposed to be fun.”

“It’s just a Halloween costume not a political statement,” wrote Facebook user Debbie Schikel.

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