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Weird news quiz explained

The Manteca Police Department provided an undated photo

The Manteca Police Department provided an undated photo of the three Tillamook Cheese vans that were stolen Saturday, July 12, 2014. Credit: AP

Get the details on all the answers from this week's weird news quiz:

1. A Connecticut man did what to a watermelon?

Answer: A 49-year-old Connecticut man faces threatening charges after a woman told police he stabbed a watermelon in a passive-aggressive manner. It was actually the second time the woman had reported the man to police that day.

MORE: Read about the prior claim.

2. What did a man order to a police station after his arrest in Kentucky, according to cops?

Answer: After being charged with shoplifting, Michael Harp, 29, allegedly asked cops to use his cellphone and ordered five pizzas to the station, using an officer’s name as the recipient.

MORE: Harp denies he made the call, but now he’s facing additional charges.

3. A Southern California couple got a letter from their city telling them what?

Answer: Laura Whitney and her husband, Michael Korte, were threatened with a $500 fine for not watering their brown lawn.

MORE: But the story doesn’t end there.

4. What caused the debris seen outside this Seattle home?

Answer: One Washington man wasn't taking any chances. He used a self-made blowtorch to kill a spider he spotted on the wall in his laundry room. Effective? Probably. Police say he likely killed the spider, but in turn he burned down the whole wall of his rental house.

MORE: Read more.

5. Where did Jeremiah Heaton claim a ‘kingdom’ for his daughter?

Answer: Eastern Africa has new royalty -- er, maybe. Heaton, of Virginia, trekked to an unclaimed region between Egypt and Sudan, planted a flag created by his kids and claimed it as their territory so his daughter could be a princess.

MORE: See what experts have to say about the matter.

6. What is this guy doing in Boulder?

Answer: Oh, that dreaded rush-hour tube traffic. Though only a few people commuted to work via tube this week, the entirety of Boulder, Colorado, was welcome to observe Tube to Work Day, which is in its seventh year.

MORE: Read more about the event.

7. How much are these cheese vans that were stolen in California worth?

Answer: Three Volkswagen minibuses, worth $100,000 each and painted to look like a Tillamook cheese loaf, were stolen in California this week.

MORE: Read more about where the vans were found.

8. What caused a bomb scare at a Wyoming power plant?

Answer: The suspicious device at this Wyoming power plant turned out not to be a bomb … but a mosquito trap.

MORE: Find out how it got there.

9. Four portraits in Pennsylvania’s Capitol now include what information?

Answer: History buffs are in for a reality check. Plaques hung in the Capitol’s corridors this week feature not just biographical information about Pennsylvania house speakers but their criminal histories.

MORE: Find out why officials agreed to the addition.

10. Scientists named what kind of creature after Jennifer Lopez?

Answer: The Litarachna lopezae may have been found in the depths of the sea, but it’s now got some serious star power after scientists named the water mite, found near Puerto Rico, after the singer with Puerto Rican roots.

MORE: Find out why (it’s not just because of her ancestry).

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