WASHINGTON — The Trump administration said Wednesday it would hold Iran “accountable” for its recent ballistic-missile launch, threatening an unspecified response to what it called a violation of UN restrictions.

In a brief statement at the regular White House press briefing, Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, said the administration was “officially putting Iran on notice” for the test launch and for what he called Iran’s threatening and destabilizing actions in support of Houthi rebels seeking to overthrow a U.S.-backed government in Yemen.

The statement marked the new administration’s first public foray into an issue on which Trump had promised to take a hard line. It followed U.S. military ground action Saturday against al-Qaida’s affiliate in Yemen — the first counterterrorism mission approved by Trump — in which a U.S. service member was killed.

Flynn said Iran had been “emboldened” by “weak and effective” UN and former President Barack Obama’s administration policies, including agreements such as the 2015 deal designed to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

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In a background briefing after the statement, senior administration officials emphasized that what they called Iranian “provocations,” and the threat to do something about them, were unrelated to the nuclear agreement.

While a number of Republican lawmakers have called for the nuclear agreement to be torn apart, Trump avoided that language during his campaign, calling it a “bad deal” that he intended to review.

Iran made no public response but said the missile test was discussed during a high-level national-security meeting Wednesday. Iran’s launch Sunday of a medium-range Khorramshahr missile ended in failure, with the missile reportedly traveling about 600 miles before exploding in the air.

An administration official said the White House received “input” from the State Department and other agencies before making the Iran announcement and that they would be included in ongoing deliberations about further steps.