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Video shows woman escape fall from swing on top of Haiku Stairs

A woman nearly fell to her death while

A woman nearly fell to her death while attempting to ride a swing on top of the Haiku Stairs in Oahu, Hawaii. Credit: Facebook / Laakea N Keyra Matutino

A  dangerous hike known as the “stairway to heaven” on the island of Oahu in Hawaii has one hiker swinging off the edge.

A video shared on Facebook shows a woman attempting to use a swing on top of the Haiku Stairs, a trail that’s illegal to use due to its hazardous mountainside location. A makeshift swing was built on top, and the video, shared by Laakea N Keyra Matutino, shows a woman escape safely after slipping off the seat.

“My dad accomplished the famous stairway to heaven hike and also witnessed this woman almost lose her life! As if the hike itself wasn’t enough adrenaline!! People come on!!!” Matutino wrote.

The video has gotten more than 211,000 views and has been shared more than 3,000 times.

“What's the point of climbing the Stairway to Heaven if you're gonna jump on the Swing to Hell,” Lisa Farias wrote on Facebook.

“The hike itself is illegal. The rest is just stupidity!!” Unko Koer wrote.

“Would you do it??? I almost had a heart attack!!! Crazy! Is it for the adrenaline or a selfie? ‪#‎notworthit‬,” Nai Villanueva wrote. Authorities are promising  to dismantle the swing as soon as possible.

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