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Yolie Ball poses in real estate photos

Yolie Ball, an 86-year-old grandmother living in Florida,

Yolie Ball, an 86-year-old grandmother living in Florida, humorously poses in her home in a photo posted on Twitter by Yolie's granddaughter. Credit: Twitter user @asapmakky

Real estate photos of a grandmother from Florida went viral after her granddaughter shared them on Twitter.  

In the photos, Yolie Ball, 86, posed in rooms around her house, poking her head out of a bedroom, leaning on the kitchen counter, and reading a magazine in her living room.  

"My grandma is trying to sell her house in Florida and these are the pics," Ball's granddaughter Makenzie shared in all caps on Twitter last Wednesday night. "I am laughing so hard."

Ball and her husband Don are trying to sell their home in Davenport, Florida, to move closer to family in Nashville, Tennessee. Ball's daughter Sandra took the photos for a real estate guide, where the home is currently listed for $54,500.   

"The first picture, the one where I have my head sticking out of the bedroom door, I was going to pull back and Sandra said, 'No, mom, stay right there,'" Ball told ABC News. "She'd say, 'Oh, lean on the counter,' or, 'Go sit on the lanai.'  We're always doing silly stuff."

The photos have been retweeted over 24,000 times as of Monday afternoon.  

"I thought the pictures of my grandma were hilarious and I wanted to share," Makenzie told ABC News. "I didn't expect them to get so popular."

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