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Your politics briefing: Clinton at Newsday, latest NY poll

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally on Monday, April 11, 2016, in Albany. Credit: Getty Images / Eduardo Munoz Alvarez

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Trump, Sanders decry ‘rigged’ systems Bernie Sanders, at Buffalo’s Alumni Arena and at Binghamton town hall, slammed Hillary Clinton as a pawn of Wall Street and credited grass-roots activists with pressuring Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to oppose hydrofracking.

Sanders painted Wall Street as the source of a “corrupt campaign finance system” and “a rigged economy.” Newsday’s Michael Gormley has the story.

Donald Trump told 10,000 people at Albany’s Times Union Center that everything about Clinton’s life is a “big, fat, beautiful lie.” He accused Republican leaders of running a “rigged, dirty” primary system.” Newsday’s Yancey Roy covered Trump.

Up in front Clinton leads by a lot and Donald Trump by even more in an NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll for the April 19 New York primary. The numbers:

Trump 54%, John Kasich 21%, Ted Cruz 18%

Clinton 55%, Sanders 41%.

The fog of war Facts fade in the frenzy of posturing that precedes the New York primary vote -- whether it's Clinton pushing stats to target Sanders on gun control or Trump blasting party rules but working the bankruptcy laws, Newsday's Dan Janison writes.

Clinton at Newsday Clinton spoke about the FEMA response to superstorm Sandy (inadequate) and criminal justice and race, among other issues, in an hourlong session with Newsday’s editorial board Monday.

She walked a fine line between defending the intent and some of the results of a 1994 crime law passed during her husband’s administration, while acknowledging that excessive punishment and the unjustified use of force fell disproportionately on blacks and Latinos.

Clinton also predicted that while it might take a while for Sanders’ fans to get behind her if she wins the Democratic nomination, they eventually would, just like her die-hard backers did for Barack Obama in 2008.

Guns and their toll In Port Washington, Clinton sat with activists who shared stories of losing loved ones to gun violence and vowed that as president, she would stand up to the gun lobby, Newsday’s Emily Ngo reports.

“Let’s figure out what we’re going to do to save lives,” she said, while Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington) pointed out instances in which Sanders voted against gun-control legislation.

Clinton used massaged stats to say "the highest per capita number of guns that end up committing crimes in New York come from Vermont," Sanders' home state. But this reality check  shows guns from Vermont are only a small fraction of those recovered here.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton in Brooklyn repeated her earlier message that the gun industry is singly held harmless from liability. That claim already came under challenge as false in October.

Trump non grata The brother of murdered Ecuadorean immigrant Marcelo Lucero said Trump should not bring anti-immigrant rhetoric to Patchogue, where he is due to speak at a GOP fundraiser Thursday night, Newsday’s Victor Manuel Ramos reports..

“This is not a reality show, where you can say something and you can get away with that,” said Joselo Lucero, but rather an instance where talk against immigrants “has terrible consequences.”

What else is happening:

  • Trump’s children Ivanka and Eric failed to register as Republicans in time to vote for him in the primary ...
  • A weak joke about "CPT" in a sketch by de Blasio and Clinton the "Inner Circle" show Saturday is whipped into a frenzy on social media.
  • An audience seat at the Clinton-Sanders Brooklyn debate Thursday is a tougher ticket to get than “Hamilton” ...
  • Clinton’s confidence that she is safe from an indictment over her State Department emails seems warranted, Politico reports ...
  • ... While Tim Miller, a leader of the Republican Stop Trump movement, says the billionaire would do so poorly in a general election that “Hillary would beat him from jail” ...
  • Trump's 37 percent in Republican contests so far doesn't mean those who voted for someone else are hard anti-Trumpers.
  • Kasich said he’s the only GOP candidate who can beat Clinton ...
  • Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus rejected Trump’s complaints that the delegate-selection system is a “crooked deal” ...
  • Heidi Cruz visited with volunteers at the Mineola office of her husband’s campaign ...

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