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New coach on the block for NYIT?

CW Post's head coach John Jez barks out

CW Post's head coach John Jez barks out plays from the sidelines during game vs Limestone College in the NCAA DII mens lacrosse semifinals. (May 16, 2009) Photo Credit: Photo by Joe Rogate

C.W. Post men’s lacrosse coach John Jez, who led the Pioneers to last season’s NCAA title, has expressed interest in the vacant coaching position at next door neighbor and longtime rival NYIT. The issue centers on compensation.

"I have sent some info over to them [NYIT]," Jez, 39, said. "I think this place has done a great job by me, I think I’m well compensated here but when you hear another position that is less than a block away in the same demographics that may have more resources for the same position…They don’t have football over there, maybe its easier for them to say that [lacrosse] is a priority for the men’s program and dump the salary into there."

"I’ll be happy to stay [at Post] forever [but] finances and the way the economy is right now with my growing family, cost of certain things, getting more salary would definitely make life a little easier and less stressful…I think it’s a good opportunity, I just want to see what they have to offer."

NYIT athletic director Clyde Doughty said, "We received his application along with a number of applicants for the position. We’re in the process of reviewing those applicants as we speak." It is unclear if Jez would be considered for the job that opened when longtime coach Jack Kaley retired. The NYIT job has a salary range of $40,000-$70,000 and NYIT may not want to be at the high end. Doughty would not discuss specifics, but at $70,000 Jez would be earning about $10,000 more than at Post. Jez is not seeking a raise based on winning the title.

"None of us were able to get raises in the whole school," Jez said. "So probably this is not the best time [to ask]. If it’s a question of negligible money, four or five thousand dollars, there’s no reason to leave. If it’s a substantial amount that would make life better for my family, I have to look at it a little deeper." Jez’ duties also include purchasing equipment for the athletic department.

Post athletic director Bryan Collins, also the football coach, said contracts are not subject to renegotiation. "Obviously we think very highly of John Jez and certainly we would not want to lose him," Collins said. "Not only with wins and losses, he gives great structure to the team, also he’s a tremendous asset to entire department. He has accelerated duties, does a good job with equipment, purchasing equipment. He serves a big capacity here. He’s good person and a good coach. It would be a big loss for our athletic department and C.W. Post."

"Everybody has a one year contract. Our salary structure is what it is, as far as the duties, that’s what that position calls for. It was that way prior to him getting the position and it remains that way. I think it a good setup here. We have great tradition, support within the administration and athletic department. We support each other’s program. I don’t pick jobs for people but I think this is a great place to work. I take a look at what this university has to offer and I think if I’m a coach I can sell this place, I can get people here, be supported and have a chance to win."

Doherty said the NYIT job also would include some non-lacrosse duties and, as with Post, salaries are not increased based on performance. "No one got any additional amenities whatsoever," Doughty said in reference to NYIT’s lacrosse title two years ago.

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