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3 Occupy Wall Streeters arrested during hunger strike; vow to stay



Update, 8:29 p.m.: amNewYork received an open letter from the protesters to Trinity Wall Street, which we have included below the original story.

Three Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested Sunday after camping overnight at Duarte Square, an effort aimed to get the land's owners to let OWS use the Canal Street plaza as a home base.

Diego Ibanez, 23, Shae Willes, 22, and Brian Udall, 18, were arrested around noon and charged with trespassing after Trinity Wall Street, which owns the space, asked the NYPD to intervene.

A spokeswoman Sunday night said the three had been released and at press time had returned to the park, along with three other hunger strikers and a handful of supporters.

In a statement, Trinity Wall Street said it "supports the right of peaceful protest ... However, the enclosed lot at Duarte Square is not available nor is it suitable for large-scale assemblies or encampments."


OWS' letter:

Dear Trinity Wall Street,

Yesterday, we began a hunger strike at 12 p.m. on your vacant lot at Canal Street and Sixth Avenue. Today, 24 hours into our strike we were arrested on your property as we sat in peace.

Upon release, we returned to Canal Street and Sixth Avenue to find three new hunger strikers had joined us. Now as six, the strike continues.

We are striking to gain unfettered access to your site on Sixth Avenue and Canal Street until the proposed building begins on the premises.

In the meantime, ask that you take the following three actions immediately:

1. Meet with a designated delegation from Occupy Wall Street to discuss a future, mutually beneficial use of this site

2. Allow a peaceful hunger strike to continue on your property without fear of harassment or arrest

3. Drop today's trespassing charges--and all past and future charges against us and other members of Occupy Wall Street incurred on this site

Yesterday we were three. Today we are six. We appeal to the Episcopal Diocese’s sense of compassion and its respect for righteousness and peaceful protest. We are hopeful that Trinity will embody these ideals moving forward.

Follow reporter and social media editor Tim Herrera on Twitter: @tim_herrera

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to Trinity Wall Street as Liberty Wall Street.

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