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'30 Rock' star Jane Krakowski 'Loves' the theater

Jane Krakowski

Jane Krakowski Credit: Getty Images

In between shooting episodes of "30 Rock," Jane Krakowski is also currently in rehearsals for the Roundabout Theatre Company's one-night benefit-concert production of the 1963 musical "She Loves Me," which the Roundabout revived on Broadway 20 years ago. Krakowski has previously appeared in the Roundabout's revivals of "Company" and "Nine."

How do you have the time to work on a TV show and a musical? It's a bit of juggling for me - I'm bouncing back and forth between rehearsal and heading to Long Island City for "30 Rock" and then back here again. But it's so fun for me to get to work on a musical for two weeks.

How elaborate will this concert be? They woo you in with the word "reading," but it ends up being far more than that. But I think everyone wants to do this wonderful musical justice, so we're putting in as much time.

Have you ever done "She Loves Me" before? No. I did see it at the Roundabout. It was the first musical they took on when they had only been doing plays. It's always been such an endearing musical to me. But now I realize how beautiful and complex it is musically.

When you saw that production, were you still in "Grand Hotel"? Oh my gosh - what could I possibly have been doing 20 years ago? I think it was after "Grand Hotel." I was just living and working in New York City at that time.

Why do you keep going back to work with Roundabout? They've become a musical-theater family for me, and I'd do anything for them. "Company" was directed by Scott Ellis, who is also doing "She Loves Me," and that was a very special show for me. That was my first musical after "Grand Hotel." And "Nine" was my welcome back to Broadway after doing "Ally McBeal."

Would you consider playing Reno Sweeney in the Roundabout's production of "Anything Goes"? I think that role is happily filled at the moment!

If you go: "She Loves Me" plays at the Stephen Sonheim Theatre on Dec. 5. 212-719-1300, 

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