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5 minutes with 'Around the World' stewardess Caroline Reid

Pam Ann

Pam Ann

Comedienne Caroline Reid, 43 performs as Pam Ann - the stewardess from hell - in her show "Around the World," which plays on Thursdays at 9 p.m. at the Triad (158 W. 72nd St.). She lives in midtown.

What would you most like to see changed in New York? Take down that sign on the MetLife Building and put up "Pam Ann."

What's the best investment a New Yorker can make? Online dating opens up all the worlds inside New York. I met this one guy, Andre - a rapper - whom I never would have met otherwise because I live in such a gay world. Another guy I met, called "the Radames," was a handyman at a Brooklyn school - half Puerto Rican and half Sicilian and gorgeous. I needed a date for the Out 100 Awards, so I asked him. We walked the red carpet, and he ran into the headmaster at his school. If "Sex and the City" was still on, Samantha would be online.

What's your favorite thing about New York? The guys have a swagger - a masculinity and a willingness to engage. I've never felt as sexy anywhere else in the world. I was walking in the East Village, and a guy from across the road yelled at me,"I love your hat!" I yelled back, "I love your shoes!" You pay it back in New York.

Any tips for getting to the airport early if you're coming from Manhattan? I used to use Corporate Cars, but I went out once with one of the guys who drove me. It didn't go well, and now I can't use them any more. This time I used that "777" one - it cost $100.

Being a New Yorker means ... Being tough and passionate and not afraid to yell out, "Taxi!"

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