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5 reasons to follow up after an interview



It is always important to immediately follow up with your interviewer through email. A follow-up email reiterates your interest in the job, builds on the success of your interview and resume, and keeps your name front and center in the minds of those involved in the hiring process. Here are some tips:

Demonstrate your importance to the company

A company is not hiring someone just to fill an empty seat. They have a need to fill. What is the company looking for in this job opening, and how can you help fill that need? Tell them exactly what you bring to the table.

Expand on the interview

An interviewer asked you about a problem you solved and how you solved it. Your answer, while good, wasn’t relevant to their needs. A follow-up email allows you the opportunity to answer the question better. This demonstrates your interest in their needs.

Never give up

A company asks how you might handle a particular matter you are unfamiliar with, so you provide a generic answer. When you get home, you do a little research and come up with better ideas. It shows that you’re a quick learner and a self-starter.

Correct mistakes you made in the interview

The beauty of a follow-up email is that it gives you the chance to correct a mistake you made. Be candid: Tell them you feel you didn’t answer their question in the manner they had hoped and would like to add to your response. Here’s your chance to impress where you failed to do so earlier.

Change their minds

A company openly expressed their disbelief that you are willing to relocate for a job. This does not bode well for your chances. Make sure they are convinced you are ready. If you have to, include information on your plan of action for making a smooth transition from your old home to your new digs in another state. This advice also goes for any other objections they may have.

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