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5 reasons why Plaxico won't return to Giants

Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress Credit: Getty Images

As if a looming lockout wasn’t enough to complicate the Giants’ offseason, there is another issue to think about: Plaxico Burress gets out of prison in June.

And general manager Jerry Reese didn’t dismiss the notion outright of the Giants re-signing the wide receiver who ruined the 2008 season when he put a bullet in his leg 10 games in.

“We investigate everything,” Reese said. “So when that situation arises, we’ll investigate that.”

That statement raised a flood of reaction from fans, who split down the middle on whether they’ll even want the 34-year-old receiver back. Those in favor generally remembered the explosive potential he gave the receiving corps during the 2007 run to the Lombardi Trophy.

But there is heavy evidence to suggest that Reese’s interest will involve more due diligence than desire.

Here are a few reasons the Giants probably won’t sign Burress.

1. Tom Coughlin can’t trust him. The possibility of Burress going back to jail on a minor parole violation — and perhaps ruining another season — would hang over Coughlin as an unnecessary irritant.

2. Coughlin has worked long and hard to create a team-first culture, with everyone walking to his drumbeat. Returning the ethereal Burress to that locker room would be like putting the Muppet’s Animal in with the New York Philharmonic.

3. He hasn’t played in 2 ½ years, and at 34, he’s close to the end of the above-average receiver’s shelf life. Rust and age will drag him under.

4. Where would he play? When healthy, the Giants have great, young receivers such as Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, and Mario Manningham. Unless Burress overtook one of them in camp (a very unlikely scenario), he’d be looking at a fourth wide receiver position. Think he’d be happy with that?

5. The Giants would have to pay him whatever the CBA declares the top veteran minimum. No matter what the number, it’ll be too big a salary cap hit for an on-field/off-field gamble like Burress.

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