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5 ways to add zest to the kitchen

Kitchen Cuttingboard

Kitchen Cuttingboard Credit: Handout

Spice it up with these tasteful items that pack lots of originality.

For ease
Kitchen laptop stand, $36.95,

Whether we’re following an online recipe or just grooving to music, we often tote our laptop into the kitchen (an idea that, upon second thought, probably isn’t the wisest.) This plastic case seamlessly protects your computer from food splatters, plus keeps it open at an easy-to-view angle.

For fun
Prèt-à-porTEA, $16,

Have tea with fashion gurus such as Karl Lagerfeld and Jean-Paul Gaultier with this set of five playful tea bags in the likeness of the style geniuses. Set includes Donatella Versace and Naomi Campbell.

For the walls
Acrylic box frames, $3.99 each, Target

If there’s one thing we want to avoid, it’s typical kitchen “art.” You know: paintings of roly-poly Tuscan chefs playing horns made of asparagus — not for us. Instead, we’ve been pulling interesting pages from our favorite food-related magazines and inserting them into these box frames.

For the counter
Index cutting boards and knife system, $49.99,

A seriously smart investment, this set features four color-coded and labeled cutting boards with illustrated tabs and matching knives for fish (blue), veggies (green), raw meat (red) and cooked food (white). Plus it’s slim enough to fit on even the smallest countertop.

For the fridge
Chikuno cube, $28,

Baking soda begone with this incredibly useful device designed to keep your fridge fresh. Made of odor-zapping bamboo powder and charcoal, the cube is filled with microscopic cavities to trap less-than-savory scents. The result: a surprisingly effective air freshener that can be “recharged” every month by leaving it in the sun for six hours. Reusable for up to a year. 

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