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A fight-filled 'Mob Wives' premiere party

Karen Gravano

Karen Gravano Credit: Karen Gravano (Getty Images)


Sunday night's Season 3 premiere party for "Mob Wives" was filled with barbs and mayhem worthy of an episode of the often fight-filled VH1 reality show.

"Believe me, this was a crazy night," one source inside the party told us.

According to eyewitnesses, the trouble started when some guests of castmate Karen Gravano, right, were denied entry to the bash because they hadn't adhered to Frames Bowling Lounge's dress code banning baggy jeans and hats.

"Some of Karen's guests were terribly combative and rude [after being denied entry]," a witness told us. "One of her guests actually threatened [a staff member, saying]: 'I will mess you up if you come near me.'"

Gravano didn't mince words either: "Karen had the nerve [to say] 'F--- you, f--- all of you and f--- this place," the spy dished.

"Classy, real classy," added the source.

VH1 declined to comment.

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