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A post-Irene flood of love for Mayor Mike


Bloomberg Photo Credit: Getty Images

Mayor Michael Bloomberg should prepare for a flood — of love.

While media pundits derided the city’s hurricane preparedness as needless overkill, New Yorkers surveyed in midtown praised both the MTA and Mayor Mike for prescience, planning and preponderance of caution regarding the tempest in our hot spot.

Maybe it was part of the city’s sneaky psychological strategy to make us feel awash with relief by advising us to brace for the worst. Or maybe, in this city of the chronically overworked, people were just grateful for an August “snow day” of unanticipated, compulsory down time. Regardless, New Yorkers felt that Bloomie and the MTA were able masters and commanders in the driving winds and rain.

Haera Shin, 32, marketing coordinator, Astoria 

MTA Grade: A

Bloomberg Grade: A

Takeaway: There’s no such thing as an overreaction in cases like this; closing down the subway and telling everyone to stay indoors wasn’t an overreaction at all.

Stephany Williams, 35, administrative assistant, Canarsie

MTA Grade: A
Bloomberg Grade: A +

Takeaway: I was very grateful the MTA was shut down: It kept me home spending quality time with my loved ones and family. We had an Irene party: Plenty of food, cocktails for the adults. . . . . We played a lot of board games and watched a lot of movies!


Katrina Spencer, 31, paralegal, East New York

MTA Grade: A

Bloomberg Grade: B

Takeaway: The only reason I give the city a B is some trees came down in my neighborhood and they were still there this morning when I left. If this one tree had fallen the other way, it would have gone through my window. … When these bad storms come, you should believe the hype!

Brian Cruz, 24, security guard, Pelham Bay

MTA Grade: B
Bloomberg Grade: A

Takeaway: We had water, flashlights and batteries, but I wished I had my family around – and more junk food. The only reason I give the MTA a B is because they could have kept the subways open a little bit longer on Saturday - like until 3 p.m.


David Dong, 19, business development specialist, East Village

MTA Grade: A

Bloomberg Grade: B

Takeaway: Bloomberg’s little press releases were really reassuring – he’s a cool guy – but he freaked out too much over nothing. I’m from South Carolina and this wasn’t the worst I’ve been through.


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