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A-Rod accolades no longer matter: Nomar

Nomar Garciaparra, left, was often compared to Alex

Nomar Garciaparra, left, was often compared to Alex Rodriguez. (Getty) Credit: Nomar Garciaparra, left, was often compared to Alex Rodriguez. (Getty)

Former All-Star shortstop and current ESPN analyst Nomar Garciaparra said last Friday he used to marvel at what Alex Rodriguez accomplished.

Now, the former Red Sox player admittedly doesn’t know what to think about A-Rod’s accomplishments.

“To me, anybody who chooses to cheat, it devalues everything you did prior and anything going forward,” Garciaparra told amNewYork while promoting Subway’s support for the Challenger Division for developmentally and physically disabled children at the Little League World Series. “It just takes all of that. It’s nothing — to me.”

Garciaparra, 40, retired since 2010, has a hard time giving players associated with performance-enhancing drugs the benefit of the doubt because he played the game “clean.”

“Everything I did, I did it the right way,” he said. “Dealing with injuries and everything, I know I did it and I can look at everything I accomplished and all of it has value.”

Garciaparra has a special connection with A-Rod because the two, along with Derek Jeter, formed a superstar shortstop trio in the late 1990s that transformed the defensive position into an offensive one.

Garciaparra said he spent his career being compared to Rodriguez, and like A-Rod, he said he was accused repeatedly of using PEDs.

But unlike A-Rod, Garciaparra said he didn’t.

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