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A-Rod talks Phelps, Obama, and kisses himself in the mirror

By Jason Fink

Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez made it back into the headlines today with the release of a widely-mocked photo in which he is seen kissing his own image in a mirror.

The photo and others showing A-Rod wearing a sleeveless T-shirt appear in the April 2009 Details magazine.Among the A-Rod revelations in an accompanying article were:

- Rodriguez, seeming relaxed and knocking back tequila shots, did the interview hours after a Sport Illustrated writer approached him about his positive drug test from 2003.

- A-Rod frantically called the reporter that night to beg that his favorite Madonna song not be published.

- He feels bad for Michael Phelps, who was photographed smoking a bong and lost at least one endorsement as a result.

- He swiped a souvenir seat from the old Yankee Stadium before it was torn down but what he really wanted was an old scale that had been used by greats such as Babe Ruth: “I would have paid a funny number for that,” he admitted.

- He voted for Barack Obama.

- He set fire to his Manhattan apartment as a child, ruining thousands of dollars worth of the shoes his father sold.

- Asked about Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig handled the steroids issue, he responded: “I think Bud Selig has done a phenomenal job, that issue being one of them.”

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