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After Jets' ugly win, coach Ryan says 'We'll take it'

Jets' head coach Rex Ryan

Jets' head coach Rex Ryan Credit: Jets' head coach Rex Ryan (Getty Images)

At least Rex Ryan has a firm grasp of the obvious.

"Go ahead," Ryan said as he led off his Monday press conference.

"Somebody say it. It wasn't real pretty, but we'll take it."

The Jets' 28-24 hang-on win over Buffalo may never be found on ESPN Classic, but it did save their season going into the Washington game next week. And to Ryan, it didn't much matter that there were some serious flaws on the late-game defense that allowed three heart-stopping moments on Buffalo's final drive.

Somehow, Darrelle Revis and Kyle Wilson let Stevie Johnson run free in the back of the end zone on second down, allowing Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick a golden shot at a game-winning touchdown. Luckily for the Jets, Fitzpatrick's pass sailed a foot behind him.

Just allowing the Bills to march from their 27 into scoring position with 54 seconds left proved that things need to be cleaned up, and fast.

But Ryan said his faith in that unit remains strong.

"We got the victory. We closed out the game," Ryan said. "If the ball is on the six-inch line, I'd still bet on our defense." Johnson got open against Revis all day, beating him for a second-quarter touchdown in an eight-catch, 75-yard outing. But even Revis said a few minor alterations will clean up whatever issues it has.

"You want all the games to be the perfect game," Revis said. "But (Sunday), it wasn't. There were mistakes out there, but there were positive plays as well. We have to really focus on the mistakes and get them corrected. We cannot make mental errors out there."

Ryan said the Jets - trailing Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Denver for the two AFC wild-card spots - are perfectly capable of cleaning things up, aswell as running the table to earn a postseason spot.

"I definitely think we're a playoff team," Ryan said. "But you have to prove it on the field. It's definitely what we plan on doing, and we'll be a dangerous team once we get there."

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