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After Weiner admits he lied, constituents have mixed feelings

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner Credit: Getty Images

Despite a WABC poll that found 46 percent of New Yorkers want Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign, constituents outside his Kew Gardens office, where the seven-term Congressman was holed up for most of the day Tuesday, expressed mixed feelings.

“Anthony Weiner is an excellent congressman,” said Ron Ziffer, 60, of Kew Gardens. “And he’d be a good mayor, too.”

Mohammed Aissaoui, a political science major from Richmond Hill, agreed. He said he’d vote for Weiner again if he doesn’t “do stupid stuff anymore.”

“All his foolishness aside, he’s done his job well,” Aissaoui, 24, said.

Computer professor Abdur Iqbal, of Kew Gardens, said Weiner’s lies about sending racy messages and photos online were “not a big deal.

“I don’t think this has any effect on his job performance,” Iqbal, 49, said, adding, “He should be re-elected.”

While Thomas Fasnakis, 51, a carpenter from Forest Hills, doesn’t care for Weiner one way or the other, he said the online relationships were “being blown out of proportion.” But he added that “we lost our trust in him.”

He wasn’t the only one to express disappointment with the married Democrat.

“He should be ashamed of himself,” said Sohail Khan, 25, a student at York College.

And Bernice Blackwell, of Kew Gardens, said although she has voted for Weiner in the past, she will think twice before doing so again.

“People who do this kind of thing are sick,” said Blackwell, 77. “He needs help.”

Sukhdeep Singh, who will attend New York University in the fall, said Weiner’s fate should be left up to the voters.

“If people don’t like him, they can vote him out.”

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