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Al Gore blames Denver's altitude for Obama's debate slump

Al Gore

Al Gore Credit: Al Gore (Getty Images)

Al Gore has a reason for Obama's somewhat disappointing debate performance: he was too high. Altitude wise, that is.

Former Vice President Gore appeared on Current TV Wednesday night to analyze the first presidential debate with host Cenk Uygur.

"I'm going to say something controversial here," Gore told Uygur. "Obama arrived in Denver at 2 p.m. today, just a few hours before the debate started. Romney did his debate prep in Denver."

He continued: "When you go to 5,000 feet, and you only have a few hours to adjust...I don't know."

Uygur debunked the theory pointing out two cups of coffee following his flight from Los Angeles did the trick for him.

Political pundits seemingly agree Romney was the victor Wednesday night, with MSNBC's Chris Matthews asking "Where was Obama tonight?" and The Daily Beast's Andrew Sullivan saying Obama "may have even lost election tonight."

One prescient Tweeter pondered the effects weeks before the debate took place. @dmataconis Tweeted "Has anyone considered whether Denver's high altitude will impact either of the candidate's performances?" on Oct. 12.

The second debate on Oct. 11 will be held at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. Luckily, Danville's altitude is less than 1,000 feet.

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