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Teacher sues former frat brother, says he suffered injuries in drunken attack

A Hicksville elementary teacher claimed in a suit filed in federal court in Manhattan on Wednesday that he suffered broken teeth, a broken nose and an orbital fracture in a drunken attack by a former fraternity brother in a Manhattan hotel.

Albert Williamson, 41, said he and Alfredo Castellanos, 44, identified as a Las Vegas doctor, were frat brothers at SUNY Cortland in the 1990s. In February, after a dinner with other alumni at Bobby Van's, they went to Castellanos' hotel room with a third man.

The complaint says Castellanos became drunk and argumentative, threw Williamson down in an "impromptu" wrestling match, refused to let him leave, hit him in the face with a wine bottle multiple times and knocked him out. The third man got police.

Williamson said he was admitted to Bellevue Hospital, treated for a week, and ended up needing a titanium plate and screws in his face, stitches on his face and nose, and crowns for his teeth.

An attorney for Castellanos' said Thursday that he was never prosecuted over the incident.

"This matter was thoroughly investigated and then dismissed by the Manhattan District Attorney's office," said lawyer Brian Griffin of Garden City. "We are confident that the civil court system will do the same."

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