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Alec Baldwin: Not down with Quinn for mayor


Alec Credit: Alec Baldwin (Getty Images)

While Alec Baldwin has made it clear he doesn't have any mayoral aspirations this election, that hasn't stopped the actor from sounding off on the candidates.

The actor wrote in a Huffington Post blog Monday that the current frontrunner, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, "is not qualified to be mayor of New York."

Calling Quinn "Bloom-berg's handmaiden" and "Bloomberg 2.0," the former "30 Rock" star and tabloid magnet criticized the Democrat's opposition to a bill requiring paid sick leave, her support of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and, quoting a report by the Village Voice, accused her of having a $49 million City Council "slush fund" that she distributes to members.

Quinn only announced her bid last week, but has been leading the polls for several months.

Baldwin admitted Quinn is the city's favorite now in the race, but slammed her and Bloomberg for having "polarized" the city into haves and have-nots.

Baldwin said the city needed a mayor with "middle class values" and wrote that Public Advocate Bill de Blasio was the right man for the job.

The 54-year-old actor hasn't announced any current plans to run for mayor himself, but his interest in the position has been widely discussed.

"30 Rock" even spoofed Baldwin's potential ambitions through his character Jack Donaghy last year.

A rep for Quinn declined to comment.


Baldwin gets political

How do I convey this without offending the gay community, or women who are supportive of more women in politics, or those who believe that Michael Bloomberg was a great mayor for New York?"

"Even if Quinn got on her knees and begged forgiveness for the murder of the term limits law, I still regard her as too compromised to become mayor."

"Quinn basically had a deal with Bloomberg that he would support her and, as such, is clearly presenting herself now as pro-business, while walking and talking her way across the five boroughs as a populist."

"Like the murder of Luca Brasi in The Godfather, Bloomberg simply diverted people's attention from the dangers of killing a voter approved referendum, at times by giving money from his charitable operation to literally buy the silence of potential term limits advocates. But the garotte around the throat of term limits was wielded by Quinn."

- From The Huffington Post

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