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'American Idol' gets it right with new judges

Idol judges

Idol judges Credit: Handout

The folks over at “American Idol” have finally gotten it right.

After a few seasons of judge-adding and judge-tossing, the show has found a combination of three that work well together — “Idol” alum Randy Jackson, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and singer/actress/dancer Jennifer Lopez.

Each judge brings something serious to the table (um, remember Ellen DeGeneres?!), and they all balance out each other’s personalities and skill sets. Surprisingly, we don’t even miss Simon Cowell because the newbies aren’t afraid to dole out honest criticism.

We got a sneak peek at the Season 10 auditions and some behind-the-scenes interviews. Here are our first impressions of the well-rounded trio.

Steven Tyler
Pros: Tyler makes the judging portion of the show a blast to watch, throwing out some of the best one-liners we’ve ever heard and breaking into song at any given moment.

Cons: He’s a total loose cannon, which could get old after a while. That said, the guy’s a legend and gives spot-on critiques to the contestants.

Best line: “Well, hellfire save matches, f--- a duck and see what hatches.”

Host Ryan Seacrest’s take: “Steven Tyler is like that kid in the class who’s always messing around behind the teacher’s back.”

Jennifer Lopez
Pros: She’s the first woman on the show we absolutely love (Paula Abdul was just too nice and Kara DioGuardi came off as an annoying know-it-all). She provides encouraging, helpful critiques to both the talented and not-so-talented contestants.

Cons: She cried twice during the round of auditions we saw, which is understandable if she really was touched by the contestants’ performances, but not so cool if she’s just trying to quash her reputation as a diva.

Best line: “You make me smile.”

Seacrest’s take: “She’s such a pro and is so deliberate in knowing what she’s looking for. She fits in there. It looks like she’s been doing it forever.”

Randy Jackson
Pros: Jackson was often the forgotten judge next to Simon Cowell and whichever gal (or gals) were on the panel, but we see him emerging as a constructive leader this season.

Cons: Sometimes all those “dudes” and “dawgs” get to us.

Best line: “Dude, definitely radio — no to singing, yes to DJing.”

Seacrest’s take: “Randy has turned a new leaf. He’s much tougher than I’ve seen him before now that his buddy Simon is gone. It’s oozing out of his pores.”

On TV: Season 10 of “American Idol” airs on Fox/5 Wednesday at 8.

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