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'American Idol' winner Philip Phillips out of hospital

Philip Phillips

Philip Phillips Credit: Getty Images

Phillip Phillips is on the mend.

The winner of this season of "American Idol" is out of the hospital after undergoing kidney surgery in Los Angeles, easing the health problems the singer suffered during the "Idol" competition.

"I'm out of the hospital and back to work," Phillips, 21, told E! News."Looking forward to the future."

However, according to, Phillips' condition was more serious than the public knew, necessitating six hours of surgery this week for his "massive" kidney stones.

And, things got even more complicated once the surgeons went in to do the procedure. TMZ reports that a stent placed in Phillips' kidney was too long, causing it to become embedded in his body. Surgeons were then forced to cut it out with a laser.

Now out of the hospital, Phillips is recovering at the Malibu pad of an "Idol" exec.

He is expected to hit the stage July 6 in Detroit for the first concert date for the "American Idols Live" tour, which hits the NYC area Aug. 22. 

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