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Yes, the city is going deaf, but we’ve also lost our voices
Re “Mike Charmed by 3rd term,” Oct. 14: New Yorkers are definitely losing their hearing with all these headphones, but when we appear to have no voice in city politics with this bid to overturn term limits, and apparently we are not seen by the politicians who support this measure, then why would any living New Yorker want to hear what these people have to say?

Apparently, nobody wants to hear us either. We’re all living in a deaf and dumb city.

--Brian Hochberg, Richmond Hill

Another reasonable voice lost: Ed Koch supports third term?
Principles, schminciples, says our illustrious mayor. Drop them when they are not convenient.

You shall not steal money, unless you have to buy an iPod. You shall not invalidate voter-approved measures, like term limits, unless they stand in the way of your personal ambitions.

After all, these are not moral principles, just opinions, subject to change. In the late ’80s, toward the end of Ronald Reagan’s second term, Ed Koch praised term limits because, as he was quoted, without them Reagan would “lick us” at the polls.

Now that he sees a person he likes, Koch has changed his mind and endorses Bloomberg’s efforts. There goes another voice of reason.

--Vlado Haluska, Manhattan

Term limits: No difference between Rudy and Mike
1. What is to prevent a future City Council from changing the three-terms to four or five or six?

2. After 9/11, Rudy Giuliani insisted that only he could save us all after this disaster and that Bloomberg should be co-mayor or just wait a few months for Rudy to “wrap this up.” What is the big difference here?

--Steve Clifton, Manhattan

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