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How much are AIG employees worth?

If a person receives a $4 million bonus for running a company into the ground, try to imagine how much that individual deserves if he or she did a good job?

— Louis Phillips, Manhattan

Banking industry treated differently

If, regarding the employment contracts at AIG, “a contract is a contract is a contract,” then why were the contracts with the UAW and the UFT not as equally inviolable? Is it that, in the words of George Orwell, “some people are more equal than others”?

— Gregory B. Holman, Manhattan

Movie re-creates misery to make money

Re “Getting to ‘Know’ a dark director,” March 19: I wish you would have asked in your Q&A with Alex Proyas why he unnecessarily re-created the tragedy of Sept. 11 in the movie “Knowing.” There is a scene in the movie that is unbearable to watch. A made-up tragic event occurs (post-9/11) and you would swear

you are watching footage of people covered in soot and running on the street on the morning of 9/11. Why? To bring in the big Hollywood bucks? We do not need to

see that. We experienced it once already. I do not see the point of re-creating misery to make money.

— Stefanie Cardillo, Manhattan

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