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Circus animals would be better off in the wild

Re “Council appears clownish with animal ban proposal,” March 27-29: It is not natural for a wild animal to be in captivity. Especially elephants, who are intelligent and social and need to be free to roam.

— Elaine Sloan, Manhattan



Performers make choice to be in circus

Ellis Henican says the circus is free to “exploit” its human performers. But those people choose to make their living in this way. They are not beaten into submission to perform stupid and unnatural tricks. They are not chained or caged. Smart and compassionate people are referred to by Henican as “elitist” and “zealots.” Who’s the clown here? Most certainly not the 23 members of the City Council, who agree that wild animals should not be a source of entertainment.

— Teresa D’Amico, Manhattan

WTC name appropriate for Ground Zero tower

The Port Authority ought to be congratulated for their decision to rename the Freedom Tower, to the stolid, austere and imposing One World Trade Center. The former name, a running joke to international tourists and affront to the men and women who died there, was the last vestige of the imprint of the totalitarian regime of George W. Bush on the city. The Freedom Tower was right up there with Ceausescu’s People House. One World Trade Center will be a fitting replacement, terse and businesslike — totally NYC.

— Jeremy Sykes, Manhattan

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