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FAA needs to have some consideration

Re “Air scare recalls 9/11,” April 28: Here is just another example of the FAA operating on its own accord. Not only did it almost get away with not releasing the data on bird strikes, but it also conveniently kept secret the flyby of a 747 jet coming dangerously close to the NYC skyline. They claim that if they revealed the act, it would break with federal law regarding classified information, but that is a lame excuse. Just say, “There will be aerial exercises on this day, in this location, and don’t be alarmed.” Have some consideration!

— George McCook, Woodside

Will someone be fired for screw-up?

Don Imus got fired for making a stupid, offhand remark on the radio. Let’s see if the head of White House Military Office has to give up his cushy job and benefits for panicking an entire city. (Don’t hold your breath.)

— Elliott Capon, Port Monmouth, N.J.



Thank you, stranger from the No. 6 train

I want to publicly thank the man who grabbed my purse, which I accidently left on the 6 Uptown train, and brought it to me after I got off at the 86th Street stop early last Saturday morning. I am very thankful to this gentleman and wanted people to know that there are nice people in NYC who do nice things. I am going to make sure to “pay it forward” and do the right thing for a stranger when I see the opportunity to help someone.

— B.J. Kelsey, Mahanttan

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