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Avella a better mayoral candidate

Re “Thompson faces tall task,” June 11: Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson and his political handlers should show some restraint, and amNewYork should demand solid political reporting. The diminutive reference to Councilman Tony Avella as a “token” candidate is shameless, though no doubt a tactic that came from Thompson himself. Avella is an outstanding, progressive mayoral candidate who is not beholden to special interests. Bloomberg came into office inheriting a bull-market windfall — which he has squandered. Thompson, the city’s chief financial officer, is equally adept at mismanaging money. The facts about Tony Avella are simple: He is a true public servant and we need him as mayor.

— Mary Culpepper, Manhattan

We’re spending too much on weapons

We’re marching to the poorhouse. We’re taking the next two generations with us and the least urgent need for spending is military. Even the Pentagon doesn’t want nor need many of the weapons that Congress seems to delight in sending directly from factory to junkyard while sending the bill to us. Stop!

— Mac McCabe, Manhattan

Are NYC’s pigeons making us sick?

I’d like to see the Department of Health come forward with some facts on how many NYers have been infected with pigeon-related diseases. Histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis grow from a fungus in droppings, so the Department of Health has plenty of evidence to work from.

— Michael Perez, Manhattan

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