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An 'Awesome' AM Radio revival

Heidecker & Wood

Heidecker & Wood Credit: Handout

Simon & Garfunkel. Seals & Crofts. Hall & Oates. Heidecker & Wood?

On their new album “Starting From Nowhere,” Tim Heidecker (co-creator of the absurdist comedy show “Tim and Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job!”) and Davin Wood, the show’s composer, hark back to the sepia-toned AM-radio era of the late ’70s and early ’80s, when the airwaves were rife with maudlin sentimentality, utter earnestness and truly phenomenal mustaches.

With a sincerity that belies the many laugh-out-loud moments provided by lyrics about cross-country skiing, father-son relationships and weathermen, the pair proudly proclaim their shared love of a genre long relegated to public-television pledge drives.

amNY spoke with Tim and Davin about the record.

How did the project develop?
TH: The project developed as a break from doing [“Awesome Show Great Job!”], with Davin and I getting together at my place and figuring out what we could do with our home recording units. We kind of locked in on this genre of soft rock and kept writing songs in that style, but we didn’t want to be taken seriously, so we just made it silly.

Were there specific artists you were trying to evoke?
TH: We definitely had our influences — Steely Dan and Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Browne, Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkel, Chicago and all that good ’70s stuff. A lot of that music was around when I was real young.

DW: We were pretty inspired by an early James Taylor performance on “SNL,” back when people would do three or four songs and one was supposed to be a rocker and it wasn’t really getting there. It’s a great thing to watch: James Taylor trying to rock out.

Are you afraid people won’t get the humor hidden in the lyrics?
TH: The idea is that you can listen to the record and maybe it’s on in the background, it just sort of sounds like the music we’re influenced by — but you pay attention, you put the headphones on, and there’s a lot of intentional jokes that are going on that are meant to make you laugh.

DW: That’s one of my favorite aspects of it, that it’s sneaky like that. The hope is that somebody could listen to it and finally catch a lyric and go: “Wait a minute — whoa!”

Take a listen: Heidecker & Wood’s album, “Starting From Nowhere,” is out Tuesday on Little Record Company. Download the track “The Wedding Song” for FREE at

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