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Anthony Edwards zeroes in on 'Top' in 3-D

Val Kilmer, center, left, Anthony Edwards, center and

Val Kilmer, center, left, Anthony Edwards, center and Tom Cruise in “Top Gun." Credit: Val Kilmer, center, left, Anthony Edwards, center and Tom Cruise in “Top Gun."

Anthony Edwards has played many memorable roles, most famously Dr. Mark Greene on "ER."

But before he donned scrubs, he wore a flight suit as Nick "Goose" Bradshaw in the '80s action classic "Top Gun," which is coming back to theaters Friday in IMAX 3-D, and being released on Blu-ray 3-D Tuesday.

But you can see more than 1986 Edwards this month. The actor is returning to TV for the conspiracy-tinged thriller "Zero Hour," in which he plays the editor of a Modern Skeptic magazine who is searching for his wife, who has been kidnapped. The show debuts on ABC Feb. 14.

amNewYork spoke with Edwards, 50.

What do you think being in IMAX 3-D will bring to "Top Gun"? It was one of those iconic movies, so I think it will be a fun, nostalgic way to look at it again. ... What they can do in 3-D is so much better than what they used to.

What makes "Top Gun" so timeless? For me, I look at it from my kids' point of view. It's a bit hokey. It's such a rah rah America movie. But I think people get sentimental about that. I think what [director] Tony Scott did visually will always hold up because he was such a great talent.

How does Goose compare to your other roles? It's way up there. One of the things I love is motor racing. When I'm around that world ... the gearheads who are into that whole speed thing - it's a big deal for them.

In that world, do they all call you Goose? Yeah. [But] when I'm running around New York City, it's, "The doctor's around."

What made "Zero Hour" the right project for your return to TV? I knew I couldn't go back to a doctor show, and procedural dramas [don't] get me excited as an audience. I've always [had] the best experience when it generally excites me as an audience. What I would like to watch. And this, when I read it - if they want to try and do this on television, I want to try and be a part of this, because I'm not seeing this on TV right now.

Are you a skeptic? Yeah, I'd say I am. I think a romantic skeptic.

How is that different from a regular one? I want to believe, but I need some proof!

Are you glad that "Zero House" doesn't have any medical jargon in the script? It's much better for my old man brain! That was such an intense time.

If you go: "Top Gun" returns to theaters Friday in IMAX 3-D for a six-day engagement.

On TV: "Zero Hour" premieres on Feb. 14 at 8 p.m. on ABC/7.

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