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Army suggests homicide charge in soldier's suicide


chen Credit: Portrait of Pvt. Danny Chen is on view during funeral procession in Chinatown in Oct./Getty Images

The army has recommended that several charges -- including negligent homicide -- be brought against one of eight soldiers charged in connection with the suicide of Pvt. Danny Chen.

An army investigator suggested that Spc. Ryan Offutt, 32, be sent to a court martial on 11 of the 12 charges he faced. The investigator did not recommend pushing manslaughter charges, the most serious offense, an Army spokesman said Monday.

Elizabeth OuYang, who is president of the New York Chapter of the Organization of Chinese Americans and is helping the family communicate with army officials, said they were “very disappointed” in the decision.

“We can’t understand why the top charge would be dropped,” she said. “They must clearly be held responsible for their actions.”

Chen, of the Lower East Side, killed himself in October after allegedly being tormented for weeks by soldiers in Afghanistan.

Hearings for the other seven soldiers will take place by next month.

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