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Artist Ashley Longshore talks raunch and NYC inspiration

Ashley Longshore

Ashley Longshore Credit: Ashley Longshore

Fashion darling/art world darling ... Well, actually artist Ashley Longshore is both.

For Chloe’s 60th anniversary party last year, Chloe commissioned a few big artists to create a painting celebrating Chloe at Art Basel. Ashley, of course, was in the mix because of her sensationalistic and larger than life images, which are glitter-filled and charmingly sarcastic.

Longshore is bold and not afraid to poke fun. Her muses range from Kate Middleton to Kate Moss, and she’s not afraid to show them in her own way. Playful yet clever, Longshore is the one to watch. She wants to make a mark on the New York art scene, as long as she can weekend in New Orleans: that’s her Hamptons.

Check out why she’s obsessed with New York and how a sweet Southern girl from Montgomery, Alabama, got all that courage.

How did you get involved with the art world? I’ve always been expressive. At 18, I asked my dad for his Amex, and I bought some drums and an art kit. I took a bong hit and drew a painting of a Grateful Dead acid bear.

Why the bear? I went an all-girls boarding school. I was a rebellious Southern girl. I loved the bear for it was the most dramatic teddy bear I’d ever seen.

What inspired you after the teddy bear? After boarding school, I moved to Montana. I wanted to ride horses and paint. I spent my days painting, riding and jumping horses. I got really deep in Montana ... I painted the news and people got upset about it.

How do you describe yourself? Some like to be cool, and some are nerds. I’m comfortable with who I am: wild, colorful and don’t give a f---.

How would you describe your art? I paint with a moment of sensationalism. I paint the way I do and the way I see the world: colorful and comedic. It’s how I’m meant to express my self in the world.

What do you like about New York? I’m not nearly the freakiest person here. I love to be inspired and there is so much to sponge. It’s a place where human interaction inspires me. I love the fashion. It’s amazing to see the people peacocking in New York.

What’s your favorite restaurant in New York? Blue Ribbon Sushi, Il Buco, Catch and Grimaldi’s when I’m hung over. My favorite meal is lunch.

What’s your favorite club? I went to The Box and I saw things I’ve never seen before, like really raunchy. I’d never even attempt to paint it for I couldn’t do it justice.

Any advice? It takes a whole lot of energy to be fearless today. ... Be you.


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