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Ashton Kutcher hospitalized by preparations for Steve Jobs role


amny Credit: Ashton Kutcher poses as Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is difficult man to imitate, as Ashton Kutcher recently learned.

Kutcher, who stars as the eccentric Apple co-founder in the upcoming biopic “jOBS,” was hospitalized two days before the film began shooting. The reason? Kutcher tried to adopt Job’s “frutarian diet,” which consisted of only fruits, nuts, and seeds.

The diet may have worked for Jobs -- who reportedly spent a week eating nothing but apples -- but Kutcher suffered serious health problems.

"I was like doubled over in pain, and my pancreas levels were completely out of whack,” the actor told Us Weekly.

Still, Kutcher said it was worth the pain.

“It's portraying a guy who just passed away that is really fresh in people's minds, that people are really passionate about, and care about, and have an opinion about—that's really scary," he said.

Kutcher's rep didn't return a call for comment.

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