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Ashton Kutcher to hacker: I'm coming for you

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Credit: Getty Images

Ashton Kutcher is striking back at a hacker who posted messages from his Twitter account on Sunday, warning him, "I'm coming for you my friend."

The hacker sent a tweet from the actor's account "confirming" to his 9 million followers that he was dating director Lorene Scafaria: "First official sleepover with my girl @lorenescafaria so maybe breakfast with everyone next time! (@ Lorene's House)."

The faux tweets were taken down hours later, and Kutcher himself wrote: "So apparently someone thinks they are clever hacking my account. #lame."

The 33-year-old added (and has since removed): "OK mr hacker, you only made one mistake. You hacked my Foursquare and I now know your address. Whoops...This is gonna be fun."

In another tweet, which Kutcher later took down, he said: "I'm coming for you my friend ... #hacker."

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