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At Anjelica Castillo's grave site, remembering Baby Hope

Baby Hope's gravesite at St. Raymond's Cemetery in

Baby Hope's gravesite at St. Raymond's Cemetery in the Bronx. (Oct. 13, 2013) Credit: Dan Rivoli

The Bronx grave site of Baby Hope now bears Anjelica Castillo's name, printed on a plain white sheet of paper taped to the headstone.

A small red teddy bear, a modest flower arrangement and angel figurines adorn the grave site at St. Raymond's Cemetery in Throgs Neck.

People who visited the cemetery to mourn their loved ones Sunday made time to visit Anjelica's grave as well.

"It all came back now with what happened" as police identified and arrested a cousin in connection with the girl's death, said Paul Tascarella, 58, of Scarsdale. He had lived in Riverdale close to the spot where Anjelica's body was found.

"They wouldn't give up on it and they did it, 20 years later," he said of the investigators who cracked the cold case.

Evelyn Mendez of Co-op City had placed an angel figurine atop Anjelica's gravestone. "She looks like she's had a lot of visits," said Mendez, 58, a private home-care worker. "She's an angel somewhere in heaven. She must look after all the other kids."

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