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At city rally for Egypt, supporters unsure but optimistic


amny Credit: Protesters in Egypt/Getty

He may be from Sudan, but Khidir Abdalla hopes that the uprising in Egypt eventually leads to a better life for his people and much of the Middle East and North Africa.

Abdalla, 46, was among about 350 people who gathered outside the Egyptian Mission to the United Nations Monday, denouncing President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule and demanding that the U.S. government cut off aid to its long-time ally.

The promise of the revolution lies in the fact that Egypt is “the heart of the Arab world,” Abdalla explained.

Many demonstrators seemed as optimistic about Egypt’s uncertain future as they were frustrated with the country’s current president.

“I don’t think anyone really knows [what will happen]; the point is that they’re done with a corrupt regime,” Egyptian American Charlene Ava said.

Ava, 30, said that she and her family in Egypt are Christian but are in solidarity with the Muslim protesters and are not immediately concerned about who will lead next but want a say in that decision.

Omar Mahmoud, 30, an Egyptian American, is not worried that “centrist” Egypt will fall under the sway of fundamentalists.

“I don’t think the Muslim Brotherhood wants to rule Egypt,” he said.

Ilter Auturk, 26, of Turkey, hopes Mubarak’s successor will focus on taking “care of his own people.”

“If people want democracy, they’re going to get democracy,” Auturk insisted.

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