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Attacking the excuses: Fitness tips from trainer Lisa Lynn

Lisa Lynn

Lisa Lynn Credit: Lisa Lynn teaches a class.

Celebrity trainer Lisa Lynn has been working in the fitness field for 25 years. For 13 of those years, she was training Martha Stewart. Lynn contributes to “The Dr. Oz Show” and is a personal trainer, fitness therapist and specialist in performance nutrition.

Excuse #1: I’m too tired
Do any of us feel rested? Guess what? Exercise will energize you! Set your “exercise default” to “yes.” That means you shouldn’t even ask yourself “if” you want to exercise, instead simply do it. ... If you give yourself an option, you’ll always say no.

#2: I’m sore
That’s your body telling you it needs to move [more, not less]. Focus on recovery stretching to help loosen up by bringing fresh blood into the muscles and removing toxins that cause soreness. Our joints are like bladders and need to be emptied to feel good.

#3: I ache
Achy joints are a sign that your body needs help repairing, and it’s usually because we lack specific nutrients. If you ache or maybe you just started a new workout program, it’s smart to protect your joints and nourish them with BioCell Collagen — the only research-backed joint supplement that is proven to reach the affected areas and improve your skin.

#4: I hate working out
Who doesn’t? But if you’re training right, you’ll see [some] results within two weeks and you’ll fall in love with that. In fact, it’s the results that get people hooked on exercise, not the exercise itself! Having said that, if all else fails, find something you like doing and do it. Any exercise is better than no exercise. Think walking your dog or window-shopping.

#5: I get too bulky
You’re not training right! If you are combining lifting weights and performing cardiovascular exercises, you’ll tighten and tone but not bulk, unless you’re eating too many of the wrong calories.

#6: I don’t need to exercise; I’m active all day
Not! Everybody needs to work out. [It] keeps our bones strong and our circulatory systems healthy. We sit too much and severely lack physical activity in our lives, making movement crucial when it comes to keeping our bodies healthy. Almost all of us have some type of imbalance that causes us pain or that needs attention, and exercise is the secret to keeping our bodies in working order for life.


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