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Attorney for cop charged in rape: 'Accuser was confused or is lying'


attached Credit: Jefferson Siegel

An attorney for one of the cops accused of raping a drunken GAP executive in her East Village apartment in 2008 told a Manhattan jury Monday that the woman was either confused or lying to get money.

“I don’t know if she thinks she was raped, believes she was raped, or maybe by bringing these allegations she thinks she’ll never have to work another day in her life ... $57 million is a heck of a lot of money,” said Edward Mandery, the lawyer for Officer Franklin Mata, referring to a $57-million lawsuit the woman has filed.

Mata, 29, is accused of being a lookout while his partner Kenneth Moreno, 43, allegedly raped the 29-year-old woman on her bed. The woman testified that she was vomiting and passing out, but remembers at least one act of intercourse.

The case is expected to go to the jury Tuesday.

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