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Behind the Curtain: 'Evita' sales plummet without Ricky Martin, more

Elena Roger and Ricky Martin perform from

Elena Roger and Ricky Martin perform from "Evita" onstage at the 66th Annual Tony Awards. (Getty) Credit: Elena Roger and Ricky Martin perform from "Evita" onstage at the 66th Annual Tony Awards. (Getty)

'Evita' sales plummet without Ricky Martin
The show might be called "Evita," but it's pretty clear that the tourists are more interested in Ricky Martin. During his vacation last week, the show's weekly gross dropped from $1,191,200 the week before to $643,663.

Cuccioli taking over as Goblin in 'Spider-Man'
Robert Cuccioli, best known for playing the title role(s) in "Jekyll and Hyde," is taking on another dual role. He will take over for Patrick Page and the Green Goblin/Norman Osborn in "Spider-Man" starting Aug. 7. The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey confirmed to me that Cuccioli will now be unable to play Don Quixote in its upcoming production of "Man of La Mancha." But have no fear. I played the role in summer camp and have already volunteered my services.

'Closer' director takes over for actor mid-show
Director and lyricist Richard Maltby Jr., who staged the hit Off-Broadway revival of "Closer than Ever" at the York Theatre, also served as a cast member on Saturday when performer George Dvorsky lost his voice during the matinee performance. At intermission, a plan was devised where Dvorsky would remain onstage during the group numbers and Maltby himself would sing the ballads

'Company' concert to be released on DVD
It took more than a year, but the New York Philharmonic's all-star concert production of "Company," which was briefly screened in movie theaters after its all-too-short run, will finally be released on DVD this fall, reported. The unbelievable cast included Neil Patrick Harris, Patti LuPone, Stephen Colbert and Christina Hendricks.

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Torre and Heidi Klum at "Newsies" Guvnors"