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Beyonce has hair-raising show as locks get stuck in fan


Beyonce Credit: Beyonce (Getty Images)

Beyoncé had a hair-raising time at her concert in Montreal on Monday night.

While showing off her vocal chops onstage, the songstress got her hair stuck in a large fan situated behind her.

But in true Beyoncé fashion, the 31-year-old kept on belting out her hit tune “Halo” — all while a few security guards untangled her locks from the fan.

Meanwhile, after the incident, which was caught on video, the gorgeous mama of one poked fun at the onstage tress mess, posting on Instagram handwritten lyrics for a reworked version of her song “Halo.”

“Gravity can’t begiiiiiiin/to pull me out of the fan again/I felt my hair was yankiiiiiiiin/From the fan that’s always hatiiiiiiiin,” she wrote. “I got snatched … goodnight all, B.”

Meanwhile, Bey’s hubby Jay Z performed two concerts at Yankee Stadium this past weekend, sans hair debacles, with fellow music world biggie Justin Timberlake.

Here are the lyrics Bey posted on Instagram:

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