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Bids for 'Boston Massacre' T-shirt exceed $155,000 on eBay before being pulled

The 'Swoosh' logo is seen on a Nike

The 'Swoosh' logo is seen on a Nike factory store Credit: The 'Swoosh' logo is seen on a Nike factory store. (Getty Images)

Online bidding for “Boston Massacre” Nike T-shirts exceeded $155,000 on eBay before the auction was pulled from  the site.

The T-shirt, part of a line produced before the Boston bombings, features the words “Boston Massacre” in blood-spattered letters. The slogan has been around to describe the rivalry since 1978, when the Yanks won the World Series, the AP reported.

Following the bombings, Nike pulled the shirts from stores, but some people who had already purchased the shirts took this as an opportunity to make money.

At least five of the shirts had reached bids of $100 or more by Thursday afternoon, with one shirt reaching over $155,000 in bids. All of those auctions were removed from the site several hours later.

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